Kind Words / Reviews
Blue Doom by PINEID

"Blue Doom wields heaviness as a part of a whole, never allowing aggression to fend for itself alone and yet never fully distancing itself, either. Sublime prog rock grooves meander into harrowing gulches, and blast beats transform into quiet, contemplative reflection: modeled after the forces of change that drive our lives, Blue Doom is a concept album prone to exciting shifts in demeanor.

At times, the album feels like an alternative history to the direction that heavy progressive music took in the last few decades. The first half of "The Tick," with its rousing chuggy riffs and ferocious vocals given an unusual sense of space and presence, could be extrapolated into an absolutely killer stoner-progressive metal album on its own."

-Ted Nubel, Invisible Oranges

"The first thing I noticed is how well this record is produced. It sounds amazing. The second thing I noticed is that these guys can all really play, all next level musicians. Some standout tracks include The Tick, which sounds like some later career Melvins had a baby that came out of the womb with Brain Salad Surgery in their little hands and wearing a Tool shirt.

Let that sink in for a bit. Everything To Now is Pineid putting their foot down on the prog petal to the floor, channelling elements of several the leaders of that genre, new and old. The bass work shines here, as it does throughout all Blue Doom. The Gift is like if The Jesus Lizard was a Yes cover band. Good, weird, and excellently executed stuff."

-Matt Bladen, Musipedia Of Metal

Blue Doom

Produce/Engineer - TOSHI KASAI
Guitars - JAMIE KIME
Guitars/Vocals - JEFF SITES